Centrico Chartered Trading Company

Entering into the employ of Admiral Dorian Montaig, a ragtag band of mercenaries join forces to protect international trade interests.

Talauran International Relations

The continent of Talaura is divided into five nations:

  • Jafleaye, the smallest but most affluent of the five, a haven for scholars, merchants, intellectuals and skilled labourers. Ostensibly a republic, but actually primarily oligarchic, ruled by a council of the twelve most wealthy individuals in the nation who, between them, own the majority of the land in the country. Debates between these twelve individuals are overseen by the Sphinx Lucrezia.
  • Tesman, the frigid and forbidding northern land, is rich in natural resources for those who are willing to work for them. Quarries, mines, lumber yards and hunting grounds supply a steady stream of stone, ore, timber and furs to the centres of commerce southwards. Primarily a communal society, Tesman lacks a concept of fiat value which makes international trade immensely frustrating for those on the other end.
  • Shabar stretches for miles westwards towards the flat horizon. It’s characterised by harsh, dry days and blistering cold nights. The steppe has shaped the population of Shabar into a hardy people, often as harsh and unforgiving as the land itself. Shabari beastmasters are valued the world over, providing well-bred and highly-trained horses and hunting dogs.
  • Skoiasu is a fertile and verdant nation to the south. Largely spiritual and lacking in any major urban centres, the people of Skoiasu instead forge relationships with the land itself, cultivating the forests and swamps to provide them with food and building materials.
  • The Aspuan sea and the archipelago occupying it are a warm and vibrant culture, bountiful with precious metals and gemstones. The reefs are teeming with life of all sorts, as dangerous as they are beautiful.

Centrico Chartered Trading Company LLC

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