Admiral Dorian Montaig

Chief executive officer of Centrico Chartered, one of the most wealthy and powerful men in Jafleaye.


A true renaissance man, Dorian Montaig rose to prominence as young as thirty with his shrewd business sense and astounding political acumen. A scholar and academic as well as an entrepreneur, Montaig has studied at some of the most important universities in Jafleaye, earning more than a cursory education in the fields of archaeology, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, history, art and natural science, to name but a few. During his short posting in the navy, he achieved an officer position at a remarkably young age and even having retired from military service, still wears his uniform proudly, letting his medals and epaulettes speak for him.

Montaig, unlike many other wealthy centrico businessmen, regards his wealth as a byproduct of his success rather than an end in and of itself. His true pursuit has always been for knowledge and for understanding, for cultural interaction and to sate his thirst for exploration. Nevertheless, his keen mind has always made him a talented negotiator, and his business empire has been built from almost nothing, earning him the respect of dozens of influential individuals, both in and out of the business world.

Admiral Dorian Montaig

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