Aven Drake

A merman out of water


A "chaotic " lionfish bard shackled with curiosity and not the wit to keep quiet.


Originally from the Aspuan sea and the archipelago found there Aven despite all his claims to the contrary is transfixed by the lives of land dwellers. From a young age he was warned by his parents of the dangerous creatures to be found on land and that safety was only to be found in the vast oceans they called their home. But this did not create the caution or fear they hoped to instil in their son but a curiosity.

When he left his home he first went to the archipelago to learn how to interact with land dwellers. He first came into contact with elves and inadvertently learnt elven before he learnt common. The elves didn’t hold much disdain for his kind as they were just as linked to nature as he was to the sea so they had some form of common ground as it were. Humans on the other hand made little effort to hide their suspicion of him, assuming he was a thief just waiting for their goods to touch the sea when he would swoop in and claim them for his own.

Making his way to the mainland to continue sating his curiosity he travelled to Skoiasu but found it more difficult to fir in as he didn’t see the purpose behind their strange religious practises. He did find their obsession with the land itself interesting as a foundation for their society. Although his ceaseless questioning quickly irritated the locals and he thought it best to move on.

Coming to Jafleaye although initially confused, Aven came to understand that currency was more important than anything else. It was a country founded on trade and wealth, so once again Aven was viewed a thief just waiting for any opportunity. He began to fester a loathing for those who viewed him as such, not that he’d ever say anything. Taking odd jobs to sustain himself he was eventually offered a job to work for Admiral Montaig and immediately went for it.

Although quick to give generalisations of his great homeland and their society he rarely speaks of specifics either of his people or his own past.

Aven Drake

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