Captain Temura "Temmy" Verdes

The Admiral's right-hand woman.


2nd-level Neutral Good Elf Swashbuckler


Temura had her education in Skoiasu, where she studied a broad range of social sciences. However, the theoretical world was not enough for her and she longed to go out into the world and apply them practically.

Having served under Admiral Dorian Montaig during her brief time in the navy, she quickly formed a strong bond with him, and even though (being an elf) she is his senior in years, she always looks up to him as her superior and will do her best to respect his will. However, she and he are sometimes at loggerheads even on important decisions, where Temura’s dedication to law and order conflicts with Montaig’s pragmatism. This is one of the reasons he hires her, though, as she is one of the few people who will openly contradict him. She is not afraid to speak her mind, though often keeps her thoughts to herself and disguises her true emotions behind a cool and unflappable façade.

One of Temura’s closest friends is Hiranur Tarihçi, Lucrezia’s personal attendant, though she doesn’t get into the city to see her as often as she’d like.

Captain Temura "Temmy" Verdes

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