Dekter Tyche

Fortune favours the bold!


Dekter Tyche was but a young centaur, doing manual farm work with his clan, when he met the gambling men from Centrico. He saw something in them, the way they could walk to a table and come away a rich man or a poor man without skill or talent. All they needed was luck – fair, unbiased luck.

Dekter laid down his farm work and, with his clan’s blessing, set off to see the world. A lucky coin in a pouch around his neck, he let luck dictate his way through the world. He won his kukri in a bet, and lost his helmet the same way. Always a strong lad, he was never particularly erudite- and it shows in his speech and mannerisms. He uses luck to make trivial decisions- and larger ones. Understanding that his perception of the world is fractured by his limited upbringing and lack of relative intelligence, he reckons that at least luck is fair – if he makes the wrong call, at least he’s not to blame, and if he makes the right one, well, he was lucky!

He is kind, to a fault. While his skill with a glaive is impressive, he is reluctant to kill people, preferring to befriend people whenever he can, despite his unusual and grating demeanor. While enjoying games (especially gambling games) he prefers simple games such as snap and Chō-han. Woe betide those who cheat at games, however – skill is fine, because it means a player has practiced at the game, and luck can’t be helped, but cheating, cheating is the worst.

A curious individual, he is friendly to all, even if he is touchy about people making remarks about his horse parts – specifically, riding on him. It’s polite to ask first, especially without presuming it’s okay. He’s also not happy about being treated as a horse.

Dekter Tyche

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