Ellisdal Malien

An impressionable child with questionable friends


Chaotic good elf witch 2/vigilante 1 (Magical Child). Has a childish mentality and is rather impressionable. Physically frail and very short for an elf. Hides most features behind a heavy cloak.


Found abandoned on the door of a Jafleayan convent, Ellisdal was brought up among other orphaned children by the local priests. A note with his name written on it would be the only connection to his real parents that he would ever have. This however would not greatly trouble him at all as the convent quickly became his family, with Father Malien taking a lead parental role in the child’s life. Life in the convent was a slow, peaceful life and Ellisdal quickly took to the religious teachings of the priests as well as he could follow. However there was one small problem.

Ellisdal was an elf.

The humans who made up the vast majority of the convent soon began to leave and were replaced by others who just as quickly left. Some of his fellows grew up to become priests themselves and replaced those who died of old age. Ellisdal whilst physically mature (although exceptionally short for an elf) remained mentally very much a child and had to remain in the care of the convent. Watching everyone else grow past him and leave or otherwise become another caretaker greatly upset him but it was manageable so long as Father Malien was there. However not even he could stave off old age forever. After just over half a century Father Malien finally succumbed and the whole community gave him the most solemn and respectful funeral service they could muster. Ellisdal did not take this well as Father Malien was always the one who would take care of him and encourage his talents. With nothing left to keep him at the convent Ellisdal planned his departure.

However the world was a scary place and without any natural strength or martial talent he would be incapable of defending himself. There were no books on wizardy in the convent so he couldn’t teach himself magic and as far as he knew he had no inherent magic. However looking through Father Malien’s belongings he found some rather strange books which covered interacting and making pacts with angels. Not really understanding the consequences of such a pact he eagerly attempted to replicate what he read. All he need do was follow the instructions and provide a suitable animal to serve as a familiar (which happened to be any animal he was lucky enough to catch). Most of the attempts were abject failures as not being a mage it was difficult to follow dense arcane instructions. However eventually he made a breakthrough and through sheer persistence had managed to contact (what he believed to be) a celestial being. Who then promptly refused to pact with Ellisdal upon discovering he was mentally a child. This process repeated numerous times until he found one that was perhaps irresponsible enough to pact with him. Ellisdal didn’t really understand the pact, all he knew is that he now could cast magic with the help of his adorable new pet otter, who he quickly christened Otto.

With this new found power he set off into the unknown world eager to replicate the stories that Father Malien told him when he went to sleep of epic heroes who set forth and slew great evils, helped those in need and made lots of gold while they were at it. However after not finding any great evils that needed defeating he decided to at least make some gold so he wouldn’t starve to death. When he found that Admiral Montaig, one of the richest men in the land, was hiring he threw himself at the opportunity and somehow found himself hired. Perhaps when he said he was 53 years old they thought of a grizzled veteran rather than asking if he was an elf.

In any case, Ellisdal is eager for any adventure they may embark on and will fiercely protect those he considers his friends.

And then he decided to become meguca.

And then he went through a dark, edgy phase.

Ellisdal Malien

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