Hiranur Tarihçi

Lucrezia's personal attendant and the head of bookkeeping in the Aerie


3rd-level Half-Elf Adept


Hiranur studied alongside Captain Temura Verdes at university where the two of them formed a strong friendship. Their personalities, though at first glance contradictory, in fact complement one another well, since Hiranur is far less strict and more open to suggestion. However, their keen intellects play against one another well, and during their university days, the two often found themselves embroiled in escalating practical joke wars.

Hiranur currently works in the Aerie, not only as the Sphinx Lucrezia’s personal attendant but also as the chief book-keeper and archivist. She is diligent and hardworking, scrutinous in her pursuits and keen of intellect. Though she is relaxed compared to Captain Verdes, she still takes pride in her position and will not suffer mistakes to be made during her oversight.

Incidentally, Hiranur is about the only person who can get away with calling Captain Verdes “Temmy”, it being a holdover from their university days. Though Captain Verdes doesn’t like it, she knows that it’s not a fight she will win and so tolerates it.

Hiranur Tarihçi

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