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A collection of suggestions from "The flipped coin" coffee house
A suggestion box, cracked open had these suggestions inside

Nice tea, good atmosphere, could do with smelling less like horse;

The orc flexed for us for a tip.

the orc lady is really muc muss ripped

A child handed me an offer for legal council, when I told him I’m not in need of any he merely waved his hands about in my face.

Good credit to the bard! I’ve not heard that good a rendition of “satv khmoum” since I was in Skoiasu.

Smelt of wet horse and dry fish

good value tea, but why is there a child? they could get hurt with those bottles of bubling [sic] liquid

i lost to the orc in an arm wrestling competition, ten outta ten would do again

I lost to the fishman in an arm wrestling competition

excellent value!

Tea needs to be steeped longer, you’re losing the flavour

If the bard wants to see me, I’m staying at the [name redacted] inn; don
’t be a stranger

I lost to the child in an arm wrestling competition

The epic of Ellisdal, Aniha, Dekter and Aven - Entry Three
Secret mission

Having finally finished my training I set about gathering information and making something of a name for myself. Performing around the city I became something of a local celebrity. Although the critics are a fickle group. One day my work leaves them speechless and the next they are scathing and frankly wretched. Constantly comparing my pieces against my own rather than other contemporaries. Clearly the only way to critique me is to pit me against myself.

But aside from my appearance on the public stage we have been making progress against Jahangir. Getting estimates on the location of his base of operations and formulating plans of action. Ellisdal is apparently not too keen on the idea of going into the wilderness. Promising to look after the house Aniha, Kurbaga and I set off. In the end we were to meet another compatriot in our fight against a bear. One Mithral the Duality. She ran to our assistance and promptly killed the bear with a stupidly sized mallet.

Our questioning as to why such a young girl was out here without supervision was merely met with the excited response of, “I’m a mysterious hero of justice!” Aniha and I nodded to each other, agreeing that someone had to look after her and apparently it was us.

Venturing further we were attacked by some kobolds. The, mysterious hero of justice’s fox, proceeded to eat one of the damn things in one bite. Kurbaga shot one of them out of the trees and it plummeted to it’s death. I think another one died… can’t remember how… might have been me… no wait that one was stabilised by Mithral. Anyway Aniha scolded Kurbaga and Mithral for killing our assailants.

Given the importance of the mission we’re on and that some of us… all of us with the exception of Aniha are not trained in non-lethal combat. I pointed out it would be prudent for us to fight to the best of our abilities but not go out of our way to kill people.

With the aid of the kobolds we found a desolate wasteland in the centre of which was the compound. It’s isolated position would make it damn near impossible to get to without being detected. We then went to the cave the kobolds had found and discovered it was as I suspected an underwater stream that came from nearby the compound.

Using this we infiltrated the compound. However, we have yet to find any hostages but the search continues.

The epic of Ellisdal, Aniha, Dekter and Aven - Entry Two
Training Montage

This has been a strange turn of events. We have been given a property to call our own. We began making improvements that would be appropriate to our needs. Aniha began getting materials dot the house as she wanted a dojo, something about me proving my “warrior spirit”. Dekter set about making a cafe for the people we have removed from their criminal lines of work. Ellisdal is getting incredibly at his alchemy and so we’ve set about making him a lab. All the while I’ve been training so that I can use the powers of an arcane duelist.

Took long enough. Whilst I was training, three rooms are scheduled to be added to the house, Ellisdal has made an immense amount of money and also hired the other merfolk that killed him. His reasoning being if he can kill me, he can protect me.

But once my training was complete I was swiftly reminded of my place as Aniha while unarmed beat me into the ground after my first lie in in nearly three weeks. Upon my reawakening I set off about the town and gave a performance in the town square. Have to get my name out there somehow. I think I’ll call this one, the flow of water and battle.

The epic of Ellisdal, Aniha, Dekter and Aven - Entry One
An Epic begins... well began a while ago

Whilst I’ve been on this continent my plan had always been to find an epic. A great tale to call my own. I’ve been very oblivious to have not realised it was before me all this time. Between a centaur with the most pleasing of personalities who just wants to bring a ray of sunshine to everyone he meets. An elf who if a bit… odd, is an exceptional witch and just wants to help her comrades. An orc who has a knack for always finding a solution, and not always with violence. And then there’s me, a lying bard. Not as inspiring by comparison.

So far we have overseen a shipment of goods when it was attacked by bandits. At which point I took the life of a man, I hadn’t realised at this point the country I was in cared so much for the value of a life, even a criminal’s. I have not and probably will not hear the end of this.

We went to the capital city and assisted in the exposure of some criminal syndicate which was slowly taking over the city. But with us flouting property laws we saved the day taking out some ringleader who was a were-rat. We were to return to this city later in an effort to bring this syndicate down but it is becoming quite apparent that we are not the best investigators. But despite our own shortcoming we found a secret harbour for stowaways and also where shipments of gunpowder were coming in.

There was also the captain of the guard. Poor man was put under a geass and forced to try and stop us when we found a cache of components for explosives. After we knocked out one of the guards, Aniha killed another and Ellisdal paralyzed the captain so that we could help him break the enchantment. Oh there was also the merman. He was protecting the harbour. Nearly killed two of us but once subdued he was surprisingly agreeable. Apparently we’re preparing to launch an attack on this Jahangir’s compound. What could go wrong?

In between all of this we also went on an archaeological expedition. It was an abandoned Elven city in the middle of a marsh. There was a cave in and we found ourselves in one of the old chambers. Pressing on we came across a ghost lamenting the fall of her people. She told us of where we could find records of the place and of the throne of the Dragon King. As we made progress we captured a homunculus, it was being fought off by some strange aquatic creatures. We became their heroes and helped them again when a crocodile was threatening them. Such simple lives they must lead. But I digress we came across an elven blade that was shattered. Offering it to the ghost she charged us with having it repaired and returned to her. After such an amazing amount done in the service of uncovering forgotten history we were sent back to the Golden Palace to receive orders that we were returning to the city for a second time to help with the investigation.

In all of this one other piece of information reached me which I can’t help but be enticed by. A forgotten and lost city. A city of pure gold. El Dorado. If finding such a wonder isn’t an epic I don’t know what is. We can turn legend into fact. Myth into truth. We shall ride into history.

Fragment from Dekter's Journal
Never underestimated!

Dear Diary

Today I went to the market to buy potatoes – it’s to make pierogi, which is my favourite, and there was a lovely stall run by a rybak, like Aven, but much more grey. We were both waiting in line and there were two kids playing with a ball. We made a bet about how many kicks they could keep it up for and I won because they managed to do it for five times, and he laughed and after we got the potatoes I walked him back to his stall and I noticed he sold books and paper and ink and things, and he offered me a discount because he liked the cut of my “gib”. I don’t know what a gib is – I think it might be rybak for tail, because it has been done nicely, by Aniha, because it was getting flicks flecks of mud in it.

But that’s where I got you! Aven told me to always start with “dear diary” because that’s how a proper diary is done, and I’ve had a diary before. I am very excited! My words have never been very good so I’m glad to have a chance to practice! I might write down lots of medical things, because I’m learning that too, which means that I can help even more!

It’s always so sad when people get hurt, but at least I can do something about it now! I’ve not been practising with the glaive as much anymore, but it’s a really handy pointing stick. I’m gonna help everyone!



I’m not very good at ending conversations, even with letters…

Yours, Dekter Tyche!

Drogi pamiętniku

Dzisiaj poszedłem do rynku kupić ziemniaki – to zrobić pierogi, który jest moim ulubionym, i było piękne stoisko prowadzone przez rybak jak Aven, ale znacznie bardziej szare. Oboje byliśmy w kolejce i nie było dwoje dzieci bawiące się piłką. Zrobiliśmy zakład o ile rzuty mogli trzymać za i wygrał, ponieważ udało im się to zrobić za five times_, a on roześmiał się i po dostaliśmy ziemniaki szedłem go z powrotem do boksu i zauważyłem, że sprzedał książki i papier i atrament i rzeczy, a on zaproponował mi zniżkę, bo lubił cięcia mojego “gib”. Nie wiem co to jest "gib" – Myślę, że to może być rybak za ogon, bo to zostało zrobione dobrze, przez Aniha, ponieważ był już plomki plamki błota w nim.

Ale to gdzie mam cię! Aven kazał mi zawsze zaczynają się od “Drogi pamiętniku”, bo to jak odpowiednia pamiętnik jest zrobione, a ja miałem pamiętnika wcześniej. Jestem bardzo podekscytowany! Moje słowa nie były bardzo dobre, więc cieszę się, że mają szansę na praktykę! Mógłbym napisać wiele rzeczy medycznych, ponieważ uczę się, że zbyt, co oznacza, że ​​mogę pomóc nawet więcej!

To zawsze jest tak smutne, kiedy ludzie się krzywda, ale przynajmniej mogę coś z tym zrobić teraz! I już nie praktykuje z Glaive tyle dłużej, ale jest to naprawdę przydatne wskazujące patyk. Zamierzam pomóc wszystkim!

Um …

Er …

Nie jestem zbyt dobry w zakończonych rozmowach, nawet z literami …

Pozdrawiam, Dekter Tyche!

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