Tag: Tesman


  • Tyvara Mountain Range

    The Tyvara Mountain Range is an area of rugged landscape that divides the countries of [[Jafleaye]] and [[Tesman]]. The Tesmani capital city of [[Tyva]] is situated here, as are a number of factory towns and the bulk of Tesman's industrial capacity.

  • Tyva

    Tyva is the capital city of [[Tesman]] and is situated in the [[Tyvara Mountain Range]]. Its geography is dominated by an abundance of factories, refineries and workshops. The entire city is usually blanketed in smog and soot.

  • Centaurs

    Well-suited to the rugged terrain of Shabar and Tesman, Centaurs of Talaura are physically large and imposing. Typically finding employment as manual labourers, Centaurs have a reputation for their hardy, no-nonsense attitudes. Centaurs are also found in …

  • Moriyja

    Moriyja is a herbalist, apothecary and alchemist-in-training. She has been travelling for several years trying to find her father and finally come to Centrico to establish a workshop as a base of operations for herself. She hopes to find some clues as to …