The smallest and youngest out of the five nations of Talaura,


Jafleaye was founded on the banks of the River Jefla some three hundred years before the events of our story. Wealthy tycoons from Tesman, Shabar and Skoiasu began to buy up farmland around the mouth of the river and gradually their small communities grew into larger trading posts, ultimately conglomerating into a huge metropolitan area. Jafleaye’s eventual secession from the other nations was met with some hesitancy.

Government and politics

Ostensibly a republic, Jafleaye is actually governed by a council of twelve individuals adjudicated by the Sphinx Lucrezia. These twelve come from the families who own nearly all the land in Jafleaye and are in charge of the most profitable trading companies in the country, along with the banks, universities and many other industries. All of the important discussions and decisions are made in the City Within the City, known commonly as The Aerie for the magnificent hall that dominates its skyline.

Economy and industry

Though the land of Jafleaye is reasonable fertile and suitable for agriculture and rearing animals, the majority of her money comes from international trade. The Ironhand Shipyard produces tremendous ships which can carry a lot of cargo a very long distance, and so are coveted by other nations for their efficiency.

Geography and demographics

Jafleaye’s geography is primarily defined by the presence of the River Jefla which cuts it in half. The greater metropolitan area of Centrico stretches across nearly 40% of the country’s entire landmass, and while those who live there would like to pretend that it’s a single contiguous city, it’s more accurate to describe it as a series of smaller, interconnected metropoles. Those parts of the country that are not urbanised are primarily agricultural, with production of fruits, vegetables and staples such as grain, as the country’s soil is fertile and its climate is temperate.

Despite being the smallest nation, Jafleaye is very densely-populated and demonstrates a tremendous degree of racial and cultural integration. Centaurs, Merfolk, Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs all intermingle in the cosmopolitan areas.


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