Shabar is a harsh and forebidding nation that occupies the west of the Talauran continent.


Shabar artefacts have been discovered dating back nearly two thousand years. It seems that a great migration took place, pushing a great number of orcs and centaurs westwards, though nobody is yet able to place the cause.

Government and politics

Shabar lacks a formalised central government and is instead in a state of constant struggle between a number of local warlords.

Economy and industry

Shabar lacks quantities of arable land that other nations have, but its vast steppe is suitable pasture for rearing animals. The people of Shabar are primarily nomadic, moving with the herds. Shabar workhorses and hunting dogs are highly prized among other nations. Being predominantly flat, Shabar is host to a number of temporary and more permanent settlements built up around trading posts, and a network of pathways running between them. This network is often used by couriers from other nations to quickly pass messages along.

Unlike Tesman, Shabar not only has a standardised currency but mints its own coins, the most common being two-inch squares of black slate. This currency is shared and recognised by Skoiasu.

Geography and demographics

Shabar has an arid climate and hard soil, making agriculture almost impossible. It is by far the largest of the five Talauran nations but it has a low population due to a lack of large, permanent settlements and arable farmland. Though the majority of the landscape is flat, it does have some mountainous regions, primarily in the north-east where the country meets Tesman and softer marsh flats in the south-east, along its border with Skoiasu. Shabar has a southern coast.

Many orcs and centaurs call Shabar their home, the home life being dominated by ideas of a small community and nomadic lifestyle. Orcs are ideally-suited to the dry weather and rough landscape, and centaurs make excellent beastmasters, rearing horses and hunting dogs that can run with the pack. In the south, there is a small presence of humans and elves and in the eastern borderlands, there are communities of dwarves. Shabar’s climate is usually too harsh for merfolk.


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