Tesman is a rugged nation which stretches north towards the frozen tundra. Its landscape is varied and its climate cold and dry.


Tesman has a long history but it is largely undocumented, surviving primarily in oral tradition and artefacts. Its folk tales and religion revolve around the land itself personified in various forms to create an animistic, spiritual mindset. Various contradicting sources attribute the foundation of the land to a folk hero known as Skitnik, Putnik or simply The Vagrant. The earliest verifiable sources date back about five hundred years to the founding of the current Tesmani capital city, Tyva, which describe it as less a united country and more a group of disparate factions. A notion of a union of republics derived at some point later, and the idea of a Tesmani national identity started to evolve around their strong ties to the land, the definition of boundaries bonding the peoples together.

Government and politics

Tesman is primarily communal, with society largely divided into small, self-governing communes. […]

Economy and industry

Tesman’s primary exports are its extensive natural resources. Stone, iron, copper, hardwoods and animal furs and hides are widely valued in other nations. Further south, in the Tesman Highlands and Tyvara Mountain Range are the primary centres of civilisation which are predominantly built up around refineries and factories for producing not only raw materials but processed goods. Tesman produces a lot of machinery of various scales, from large industrial pieces to tiny, precision instruments.

Geography and demographics

Tesman has rugged, diverse terrain. In the south of the country, the land is mountainous, hard and rough, wild variances in altitude combined with a largely dry climate mean that the land can’t be tilled and is inappropriate for growing crops, while the […] The land is rich with natural resources such as ores, which are mined further north and taken to the centres of industry for refining. Coniferous forest stretch for miles northwards until the edge of the tundra. The country lacks access to warm water ports, and its primary source of imports and exports come through the Tesman Inland Sea which freezes over for six months of the year.

Tesman’s culture is largely defined by its large population of centaurs. Primarily a communal culture, Tesman lacks a concept of fiat value. Goods are traded for … Centaur life revolves around larger family units than most other races are comfortable with. Rather than direct parental lineage, Centaurs typically take their surnames from a larger clan unit. This attitude has expanded to smaller communities of mixed races as well, with the Dwarves and Humans treating each other with the same fraternal copmassion that is typical of Centaur culture. Northern clans pride themselves on their rugged, nomadic lifestyle and live and work as hunters or trappers, or itinerant workers, moving between quarries and lumberyards to provide work in exchange for food and housing.


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