Centrico Chartered Trading Company LLC

A collection of suggestions from "The flipped coin" coffee house

A suggestion box, cracked open had these suggestions inside

Nice tea, good atmosphere, could do with smelling less like horse;

The orc flexed for us for a tip.

the orc lady is really muc muss ripped

A child handed me an offer for legal council, when I told him I’m not in need of any he merely waved his hands about in my face.

Good credit to the bard! I’ve not heard that good a rendition of “satv khmoum” since I was in Skoiasu.

Smelt of wet horse and dry fish

good value tea, but why is there a child? they could get hurt with those bottles of bubling [sic] liquid

i lost to the orc in an arm wrestling competition, ten outta ten would do again

I lost to the fishman in an arm wrestling competition

excellent value!

Tea needs to be steeped longer, you’re losing the flavour

If the bard wants to see me, I’m staying at the [name redacted] inn; don
’t be a stranger

I lost to the child in an arm wrestling competition


Endless_Bunny Skittles

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