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Ellisdal's Super Secret Diary - Entry 1

Mithral Mystery

I saw Aven writing in a book and he said he was writing about what we were doing to make a story or something. It sounded really cool so I thought I’d do some writing as well! Don’t know what to write about though. I bet this is really easy for Aven, he’s great with words. I don’t think people take me seriously when I try and say stuff. Well I’m an adventurer too! I can do stuff! Magic stuff! Although, adventuring isn’t like it is in the stories Father Malien told. Most of my time has been spent in old, dirty, dusty, smelly rooms getting shot at by bad guys. One time we even went into a sewer and… and… I can’t remember much, I blacked out after I got hit by an arrow. That sucked. Also adventuring hasn’t made me rich. Most of my gold I had to make myself using magical alchemy stuff. I’m getting really good at it though! Oh yeah, we got a place to stay. It’s super cool, I’ve been giving the gold I make from alchemy to my friends so they can make the place better.

I should probably mention who my friends are, it’d be rude of me not to. They all work for Admiral Montaig like me and they are really nice. There’s Dekter who is a centaur. He is the second nicest person I’ve ever met and he’s really good at carrying stuff. He’s always out gambling though, and I don’t think he understands how luck works. Not that I’d tell him that, he’d probably get mad. After that there’s Aniha. She’s an orc and she’s super strong! She also really good at fighting and she has these dogs which she fights with and they are adorable but cool. She’s having some difficulty training Dog but I suppose Dog is just like that. I always feel safe when she’s around. Finally, there’s Aven. He’s a fish person! I never really knew anything about fish people but Aven told me all about them and they are awesome!! He’s really good at singing and talking and lots of other stuff. I’m really glad to have met them all, it’s not been easy since Father Malien died.

Anyway, it hasn’t been all good though. We’ve been fighting to stop some baddie called Jahangir from taking over the city. It’s been super dangerous so far but we’ve won every time. We’re starting to push him out of the city and it looks like he might make a last stand. I’ve come up with my own plan to help us beat him though.


I made a secret identity! I thought about those stories I heard where the hero puts on a mask and fights the bad guys in secret and because they hide their identity the bad guy can’t hurt his friends. So I did something like that. Except I’m not good at hiding or stuff like that so instead I went really, really obvious. So obvious nobody would suspect it! But I needed some form of disguise or else they’d still know it’s me. So, I dressed as a girl. Nobody has suspected a thing so far! I’m a genius!

Although, now that I think about it this secret identity thing is kind of dumb. I mean Jahangir already knows about us, so I’m not really protecting my friends from harm. In fact, it’s unhelpful when they don’t know who I am because then they can’t help me. It’s not like they are going to reveal my identity anyway. Why the hell do heroes in these stories keep their identities secret from their friends? I won’t even get to enjoy the benefits of being a hero like this. This is stupid!

But I don’t want to ditch the costume, I put a lot of effort into this and even though it’s girly clothing it’s actually cool. Comfy too. Also, playing as a hero has been fun! Maybe I should tell them though…


Endless_Bunny Sabda

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