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The epic of Ellisdal, Aniha, Dekter and Aven - Entry Three

Secret mission

Having finally finished my training I set about gathering information and making something of a name for myself. Performing around the city I became something of a local celebrity. Although the critics are a fickle group. One day my work leaves them speechless and the next they are scathing and frankly wretched. Constantly comparing my pieces against my own rather than other contemporaries. Clearly the only way to critique me is to pit me against myself.

But aside from my appearance on the public stage we have been making progress against Jahangir. Getting estimates on the location of his base of operations and formulating plans of action. Ellisdal is apparently not too keen on the idea of going into the wilderness. Promising to look after the house Aniha, Kurbaga and I set off. In the end we were to meet another compatriot in our fight against a bear. One Mithral the Duality. She ran to our assistance and promptly killed the bear with a stupidly sized mallet.

Our questioning as to why such a young girl was out here without supervision was merely met with the excited response of, “I’m a mysterious hero of justice!” Aniha and I nodded to each other, agreeing that someone had to look after her and apparently it was us.

Venturing further we were attacked by some kobolds. The, mysterious hero of justice’s fox, proceeded to eat one of the damn things in one bite. Kurbaga shot one of them out of the trees and it plummeted to it’s death. I think another one died… can’t remember how… might have been me… no wait that one was stabilised by Mithral. Anyway Aniha scolded Kurbaga and Mithral for killing our assailants.

Given the importance of the mission we’re on and that some of us… all of us with the exception of Aniha are not trained in non-lethal combat. I pointed out it would be prudent for us to fight to the best of our abilities but not go out of our way to kill people.

With the aid of the kobolds we found a desolate wasteland in the centre of which was the compound. It’s isolated position would make it damn near impossible to get to without being detected. We then went to the cave the kobolds had found and discovered it was as I suspected an underwater stream that came from nearby the compound.

Using this we infiltrated the compound. However, we have yet to find any hostages but the search continues.


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