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The epic of Ellisdal, Aniha, Dekter and Aven - Entry Two

Training Montage

This has been a strange turn of events. We have been given a property to call our own. We began making improvements that would be appropriate to our needs. Aniha began getting materials dot the house as she wanted a dojo, something about me proving my “warrior spirit”. Dekter set about making a cafe for the people we have removed from their criminal lines of work. Ellisdal is getting incredibly at his alchemy and so we’ve set about making him a lab. All the while I’ve been training so that I can use the powers of an arcane duelist.

Took long enough. Whilst I was training, three rooms are scheduled to be added to the house, Ellisdal has made an immense amount of money and also hired the other merfolk that killed him. His reasoning being if he can kill me, he can protect me.

But once my training was complete I was swiftly reminded of my place as Aniha while unarmed beat me into the ground after my first lie in in nearly three weeks. Upon my reawakening I set off about the town and gave a performance in the town square. Have to get my name out there somehow. I think I’ll call this one, the flow of water and battle.


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