Aniha Kruggesh

Not as mean as she looks


Orcish Huntmaster, trying to become a better person. Is actually really nice but her patience is somewhat limited.


Born in the deserts of Shabar, Aniha was raised within a family of dog breeders/trainers alongside her three brothers. Competitiveness was practically a gene in this family and she quickly came to learn that it was first come first serve in this household, and so she often found herself lacking when it came to the family trade, instead preferring to train. However, though she lacked somewhat in training the hounds she became stronger than anyone else in the family before she reached adulthood, despite being the youngest of her siblings.

And so, with little to offer to her family and little interest in staying taking up the trade she set out to leave Shabar when she turned 12, alongside Alex and Adrian of course. Her wish was to find meaning elsewhere, a living or an ideal that can make use of her strength, preferably alongside some companions whose mindset matches hers.

At first she found it in mercenary work, something she never found too fulfilling. It’s not that she wasn’t good at it, many people are all too eager to have the protection of a very large orc and too few are willing to steal from a caravan when a very large orc is standing in the way, she has even found herself in some fairly major conflicts in her time. Even when it came to an open fight though she preferred to deal with enemies without bloodshed when necessary, there are exceptions when she comes those who have committed truly heinous crimes but barring those she does not believe life should be snuffed out on a whim. Even when holding back, however, there were few who could make a decent challenge.

She made a decent living doing odd jobs, and spent a few years using the jobs and the money as an excuse to travel, going wherever gate would take her. Though she still has yet to find a purpose, she will find promise when she stumbles upon an odd trio of adventurers.

Aniha Kruggesh

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